Momentum Tutoring Registration Form 2021-2022

Parent Agreement

The purpose of Momentum Tutoring is to provide affordable, convenient, and effective after school tutoring to children of all ages and abilities.


1. Offer programs that support and supplement California State Education Standards.
2. Encourage parent and classroom teacher input on child’s educational needs.
3. Design a custom curriculum plan based on child’s needs.
4. NOT provide a refund for a child’s illness or absence without 24 hours notice.
5. Dismiss a continually disruptive or noncompliant student


1. Enroll in monthly contracts.
2. Pay tuition prior to tutoring. Tuition is due the 1st of each month.( if not prorated)
3. Pay a late fee of $15 if tuition is not paid by the 10th of each month.
4. Give two weeks notice if enrollment is to be changed or terminated.
5. Allow Momentum to review school progress reports and report cards.
6. Provide supervision prior and post tutoring. Be timely.

We agree to work together with the child’s best interest in mind. We understand because of the unique qualities involved with education. Momentum cannot guarantee any particular results.
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COVID-19 Health and Safety Guidelines: I agree to the following guidelines for in-person tutoring
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